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Ganesh pooja

on September 18, 2007

This saturday was ganesh chaturti. and this marked the first year when I made kozakattais (or modais as Abhi calls it) on my own! It was a wonderful experience. Firstly, connecting with my mom on this occasion and remembering all the times we did it at home was wonderful. I remember rolling out the dough and filling it with the coconut sweetened with jaggery, with my grandmother, while my mom was on the stove busy making more stuff. Who would have thought I would carry the tradition years later, to my own home in the US! :).
Abhi was so supportive of the whole endeavor, considering it was a saturday and part of our time together. I woke up in the morning and had made the dough and poornam very mindfully, by the time he woke up. Then, as he was sipping coffee, I was sitting on the dining table, doing the rolling and filling parts. It felt so blessed to have a family and a home to do this! My mom had lovingly typed the recipe in her own sweet way, at 10.00 pm the previous night! The kozakattais looked good, though I din’t taste any of it till the pooja.

We got our new peaceful ganapathi out and I wore my new suit that Mama had sent me. We played Jagjit Singh’s ganesh cd and it was lovely. Abhi did the offering, he sat next to me (not even sneezing once from the candles!!). and we each fed the other the modai. and then-the best part-he took some lovely pictures! :). So patiently, framing each one of them. When you sit back and receive, so much comes your way! That is what I realised. Being open and present and mindful, all preoccupations vanish and everything is more beautiful. Thanks Ganesha for your blessings! Hope you are always with us!


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