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Goddess shopping..

on September 19, 2007

The last two days, shopping has been on my mind. It has been a while since I bought myself something-maybe close to two months..? I haven’t even thought of shopping since I went on the meditation retreat, somehow I haven’t felt like using my free time in a store with a dozen choices.

And then, this week, the ‘concept’ has entered my head again. Now, whenever I think of buying something these days, I first ask myself, where is this coming from. Do I have an issue that I don’t want to address, and psychologically, I’m dealing with it by spending money..? First it seemed that way. And then I realised I just wanted something nice. I thought of goddess Lakshmi. the epitome of beauty. she is always draped in rich silks isn’t she? So, I splurged :). I bought this lovely lovely scarf in rich tones of gold and magenta with some red. A scarf made in Paris, with a lovely drape, that I paid too much for. But I have to say, wearing it today, I feel like a goddess :). And doesn’t the goddess in us deserve the very best! :).


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