A Lotus for you..

..A buddha to be. That is what came to me yesterday in meditation. I’ve been aware lately of my perfectionistic tendencies. I’m not saying its wrong to seek perfection. Otherwise I may not have been a seeker. And yet, it is this need for perfection that leads to judging myself and others.

One of the things I love about daalu is that he not just accepts imperfections-he loves people for their flaws. He likes it that each of his loved ones have their own quirks. I do know that the reason daalu and I have such a close relationship is that we have seen each other at our best and worst. In fact, it has been seeing each other’s naked hearts, stripped of any makeup, that has made our love deeper.

It made me realize, in all my close relationships, it has been some moment of honesty, a glimpse into the other person’s inner heart, their *flaws* that has made it close. why then should I expect myself and others to be perfect? What if I accepted all the faults of others and still found loving-kindness towards them? After all, no one is perfect, we are human beings. Why then do we expect so much from others? (and most often our idea of ‘perfect’ is what we *think* is the way to be, which may not be the real deal at all!). How can I develop this loving-kindness for others that is not contingent on what they are, what their tendencies are or what their actions are.

Then it came to me-one way to develop this is to extend this thought to every person we meet: ‘A lotus for you, a Buddha to be’. I had read this in Thay’s book one time, but yesterday it made complete sense to me for the first time. That I see the shining Buddha, the divine, in every person I meet. And I wish for them that they can find the Buddha within. And I accept them for whatever they are, because I know they are not defined by the words we give them. Every person is beyond. I am this. and I am beyond this. And the same for you.

So I say to you my friend-A lotus for you, a buddha to be.


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