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The elusive ‘balance’ in life.

on September 21, 2007

Yesterday evening was my yoga class, the first class of the fall season. My lovely teacher Sue took us through an exploration-of balance. Of finding the place between stability and freedom. Between feeling grounded and feeling light. Between earth and sky. And through poses with partners, we realized how this place is different for each of us. Indeed it is different even in time, for every one of us. And if we can cultivate that balance, that would be the place of peace.

I often find this place of balance to be elusive for me. I’m very keenly aware when I’m being the ‘doer’. And when I’m being the ‘receiver’. I am a doer by nature. But lately, being a receiver has been one of my practices-and I love it-to let go and enjoy the blessings and love that others give us. And yet, being a receiver all the time is impossible-mainly because it can overwhelm us. And then this thought from a fellow yogi came in yesterday’s class: ‘to receive, you have to be grounded yourself’. How true-when you are truly in a centered place, you can receive grace and yet not be overwhelmed by negative energies. It was a beautiful thought.

Usually at the end of class, (or at the end of meditation), I have reached such a place of deep quiet that I find any kind of activity, even simple talking, overly stimulating. I have often wanted to talk to my teacher after class to say how wonderful it has been-even that feels too stimulating-imagine! But yesterday, for the first time, I felt, I can hold my own. I can be in this place of balance and extend my love, and yet not get stimulated.

So, I did talk to my teacher afterward and I had a mindful lovely dinner later with daalu, who had cooked lovingly my favorite dish. And I slept really well! And I will try to hold the thought of balance in my mind, as I go on with my day. I wish you the same.

With love, S.


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