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Apple Pecan coffeecake

on September 24, 2007

So, yesterday was sunday evening-and daalu and I decided to cook at home instead of going out for dinner. And you won’t believe the result of a simple decision like this : a home filled with various aromas wafting through the air! Abhi made dal makhani, this lentil dish made with black urad dal. We had been to the farmstand earlier in the day and came home with some beautiful roma tomatoes, yellow onions (huge and beautiful!) and thai basil which smelled heavenly! Knowing that we were about to eat fresh vegetables which were grown organically right in this soil, itself does something to one’s gastronomical senses-they become aesthetically pleased :). So, cooking was a treat for Abhi. Its his meditation-he first prepares, cutting all the veggies finely just like a chef, and boiling the dal. And then he does his magic! :). I have never managed to replicate any of his dishes. and he doesn’t have a recipe! He also made potatoes mildly flavored and fried crisp, for the side.

Meanwhile, I carried on with my baking. I told you, there were many aromas wafting in the air! One one side there was garam masala and cumin. and on my side there was cinnamon and nutmeg.

What better to bake with, in fall, than apples! :). Its the season for all kinds of apples. And I knew I wanted something with apple cinnamon. So I went to one of my favorite websites: And searched for apple: here is what I came up with: apple pecan coffeecake!! check out the recipe at:

I immediatly loved the recipe: 1) because it has no butter! just buttermilk, which you can use non-fat yogurt and milk for, and 2) just 2 tbs of oil, for which one can use canola oil, the most heart healthy one and 3) no sugar, maple syrup instead, which is supposed to be the best natural sweetner and 4) whole wheat pastry flour. what better healthy baking recipe can one ask for!

So, I decided I wanted to make this, but before I could print it, our computer started having problems-aol kept shutting the page. and I got really bugged by it. Its amazing how quickly we can get triggered when things don’t go exactly the way we planned or want them to! But daalu was sweet, he figured it out, installed firefox, and printed the recipe for me. The result was delicious! :). We had it for breakfast this morning and it was pretty filling. The recipe said it was to serve 6, I think its more like 8-10.

So, you start baking, then you start baking healthy! :). I hope you enjoy your apples this fall!

Love, S.

ps: check out daalu cooking up his magic! harry potter could learn a potion or two from him ;). And also my belated pictures of blueberry muffins and the coffeecake (the cinnamon looks dry on top-this morning it had completely been absorbed into the surface and looked much better!). 


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