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attach to non-attachment :).

on September 24, 2007

The idea of offering our practice, our intentions, our actions for a higher good, often comes to me at various times. and it offers me a deep sense of peace. For example, with yoga. I’ve often found that when I set the intention at the beginning of the practice, to offer my practice to those who need it, to the higher good, to the cosmos, and to surrender, I find that my practice takes me to places I could not have gone by myself. When we remove ‘I’ from the picture, and instead surrender to the universe, our actions automatically take a greater significance and they allow us to reach deeper places.

Surrender is a word that can mean different things. One connotation can be: does that mean, we sit back and do nothing? Or instead, it could mean, surrendering to that place in us that is always connected to the universe-that is always present and full of wisdom and that always acts from a place of love. that is no longer just ‘I’.

I started this blog as a way to connect to others. And I found that once I started writing, I just loved it! I was momentarily taken aback at my own enthusiasm for this. and also how much I wanted it to work. Doubts started setting in: will my family and friends really connect through it? What if they see an unknown face to Shuba, that they have not known-will it create a distance? I have intensely personal and very unique relationships with every person in my life. How does a ‘general’ blog fit into this picture. I obsessed about it. and then I realized my intention once again. This wasn’t about me. or you. This is no one person. Yes, these are Shuba’s words. But they would not exist without her parents, her family, her teachers, her friends-every person who has affected her life, and has left a mark, maybe even without knowing it. Shuba, indeed, is made of non-Shuba elements. How then can I obsess about it, when I’m no longer the sole contributor.

This blog is my offering to my community. And I make this offering mindfully, and leave the rest to the universe. It has provided me a wonderful way to practice non-attachment.

The funniest thing is, how when we non-attach, the outcome generally turns out to be good!! I have already received some amazing feedback and personal stories as a result of this effort, that has been wonderful.

Another example comes to my mind from this event on friday. There was an international students orientation here in the college, and they invited me, along with other ‘seasoned’ 😉 students, faculty to speak to the students about our experiences. This is the first time I’ve been part of something like this-and I prepared for what I was to say. Which went well. But the best thing was what I received from the event!! There were about 14 new students from India, among the newcomers, and they were mostly my sister’s age. They were just like her friends-most of them had worked in software companies for a year and now they had come for their M.E.M (masters in engg. management) degree-which my sis has also applied for, and hopefully will get in, next year. So, it was amazing-I felt like I was hanging out with my sister’s friends!! They were cracking jokes and chiding each other playfully-a lot like my sister’s college friends used to. It was such fun!! All it had needed was for me to be present and to agree to talk to these folks!!

I spoke to my sister today. She is on her first trip away from home, at a work project and it amazing to me how positive she is about it everyday. And she was saying how great and supportive all of her work colleagues were in the new place-how they worried about her, got her a cab each day because she was the only woman in the group, in a new city. My sister was grateful. and I felt it was the same lesson of non-attachment. She went on her trip, she did her best, and she din’t expect anything from anyone. and then she was graced with love and beauty-the kind that everyone of us is capable of giving and receiving! :).

You must have your own story of non-attachment, I’m sure. I hope this day renews your own wisdom of non-attachment.

With love,S.

ps: you are most welcome to share your stories to any of the entries if you would like to. I know everyone reading this blog would love to know more! peace, s.


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