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Chocolate nirvana..

on September 27, 2007

So, Abhi and I came home last evening, finishing some errands that had to be taken care of, after work and dinner out. Needless to say, we were exhausted. and then guess what was waiting outside the door: a package from Burdick chocolate!! La Burdick is this amazing french chocolate shop in a small town in Walpole, that makes the most delicious european pastries and chocolate. (check out You could say, La Burdick puts Walpole on the map. And the best thing about the shop is that they ship orders-throughout the country and apparently, internationally as well.

You know sometimes, we marvel at our own wisdom..? It was that moment for me :). I had decided that I wanted chocolate cake. and I had planned ahead on it! cos, chocolate cake is an area of no compromise-it has got to be the best! It is one area where there is a clear line of demarcation between the average and the decadent. Now, I consider myself somewhat of a dessert connossier, and I know exactly how each restaurant in the town does with regards to desserts. We get really good pies here at a famous bakery in the town. You can get really good carrot cake as well, and cheesecake. Which is all good and can be quite helpful at times. But sometimes, one gets hit by that very distinct feeling of craving-for there is only one solution-chocolate!

And so, now I’m gloating at my own wisdom-of ordering chocolate cake from La burdick. There it was neatly packaged to keep it at the perfect temperature, and tied with a red ribbon. It was my moment of nirvana. Opening the package, getting a slice and biting into chocolate heaven-a chocolate cake with walnuts topped with velvety ganache-that immediatly gave you a kind of high. The kind where all is blissful in the world and your troubles disappear, and the only thing that matters is the piece of chocolate you are biting into :).

Here is wishing you some great chocolate,

Love, s.


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