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Understanding and compassion…

on September 28, 2007

The thing with meditation or any kind of inner journey, is that it makes you keenly aware of your reactions to people. I have started noticing how there are some people who can push our buttons, who can trigger us. Something about them gets on our nerves-and we react. Very often, we blame the other person for it-we think its their fault-that they are the way they are-if only they could realize it!

The reality though, is that everytime we get triggered, it is our own shadows which are at play. It is our freedom that is at stake. In every situation, being mindful lets us become aware of our reactions, thoughts and we can choose to act or not to act on them. After all, that is real freedom. Acting reactively in a situation means you do not have freedom-one feels helpless in the situation and then, feels there is no choice but to react.

At the beginning of my journey, whenever I reacted in a situation, I would feel overcome by guilt that I have not *improved* in my behavior-that things still manage to get to me. But now, I’m beginning to be grateful-for every opportunity that allows insight into my nature. I can take these very opportunities of pain and strong emotion, and look deeply at them to find why I’m reacting. What is the emotion deep below the surface that is manifesting as this form of suffering? And I can show compassion towards it. For example, my reaction could stem from a sense of insecurity deep within. At that moment, I can embrace the feeling, show it love. understand where it is coming from. and at that moment-I feel a sense of compassion for all those who have felt insecure in moments of their life. and in the present moment, it can lead me to feel compassionate for the very person who has triggered the emotion in me-because he or she is also insecure. and don’t I know how that can feel!! I’m then no longer triggered. Instead, I empathize with the other person, and I want to help them.

Indeed, suffering is beautiful-it offers us a glimpse of we really are, in all of its fullness and all of the quirks. and by accepting ourselves in entirety, with love and understanding, and realizing that others too have suffered just like us, we can open our heart.

There is a song that I learnt at Thay’s retreat which goes ‘breathing in, breathing out, I’m water reflecting what is real and what is true’. We can become a mirror that reflects the best in everyone. Because we are no longer looking at their faults. Instead we are there with love and gratitude and acceptance. of ourselves and others. we become a window into the pure.

Love, S.


2 responses to “Understanding and compassion…

  1. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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