boundaries don’t exist..

Yesterday, I had yet another reminder of how we get caught in our own nets. We create things to help us make life easier. and then we get attached to them and forget why they are there in the first place. It made me ponder deeply about words. what are words? the human race collectively decided to use words to define things, set boundaries. We each call things mine, yours, ours. we separate. But in reality, there is no separation! According to Buddha, everything is empty by nature. And when he said empty, he meant, empty of a separate self. Nothing can exist by itself.

Ofcourse we need words. We need a commonality to communicate. Using words is okay as long as we don’t get caught in them! As long as we don’t attach to a convenience making it an inconvenience. The real way to practice is to understand that there are no boundaries. we inter-are. I am in you and you are in me. we are different waves. we get caught up in our own cycle, feeling happy when we rise up and sad when we fall down. We differentiate each other (you are a big wave, you are a small wave, you are not me!). and yet we belong to the same water. if we understand that, all suffering would vanish. If we looked at every person beyond words, beyond definitions, as one of us, as the same fabric, then we can see each other more clearly and deeply. there would be no hate in this world. no suffering. There would be more forgiveness. So, while I write these words and you read them and you give them an image, a connotation, it is useful to reflect on what is reality. Reality is beyond words. It can only be found in direct experience.

So everytime you find yourself making a separation between you and your loved ones, look deeply and see that you are but one.

Peace, S.


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