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on October 8, 2007

Yesterday, Abhi and I had the opportunity to take a long drive. I no longer have the long commute I used to do, and so I have not done much of long drives recently. and hence not seen much of the fall season. Till yesterday!

Flaming reds, dancing yellows and bright crimsons. It was like the mountains had been set on fire. They had decided to go all out and dress up! It felt as though the trees had decided to take on the role of flowers! there was a profusion of colors. The senses were filled and one felt blessed! I enjoyed every bit of the drive. It also reminded me what a wonderful thing difference is. The trees become different in the fall. They take on a different hue, a different persona than we know them to be. They have broken all norms, all boundaries. Have you ever noticed that the truly memorable events are when something different has happened in life. when we have taken that leap from our normal regular self, and done something extraordinary. Maybe it is a trip somewhere. Maybe it is a spontaneous gesture to a loved one. Maybe it is when we speak up in a situation where we normally would not. Or maybe it is when the unscaled heights we thought we could never dream of, seem not that far away. Or that new attire that we could have sworn we would never wear, that is now draping our body. Or that color that seems just right for this day.

Difference is to be esteemed. It creates that spark in life. For me, yesterday was different. On our way back from the party we were attending, we stopped at this town we really like. and I ate the best pizza in the world!! I normally make a fuss about eating pizza. and yet yesterday there I was in the spacious sunny restaurant eating my pizza with gusto. and then finishing my meal with a hot fudge sundae. After my restraint from ice-cream all summer, that sundae was glorious. It was divine. It was the best one I ever tasted. It was me being different-me being spontaneous. I even did a bit of a dance (leaping up and down) after ordering that sundae! :). It was celebration time.

Celebration without attachment. Because as sure as the moon reaches its pinnacle in full roundedness-and then decides to go back to nothingness, the brilliant fall will change. The leaves will drop, and they will become bare and white when winter hits. No trace of the color will remain visible to our eyes. Yet it is that very regularity of winter (and the green of summer) that makes fall so brilliant. Its the predictable that makes the unexpected stand out.

So for now, enjoy your difference-knowing this is your moment to truly celebrate. and then you will celebrate the next cycle of the regular, the familiar. You will be thankful for it. And then you will decide to fan your feathers again-to become that brilliant peacock-and make that leap.

Love, S.

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