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on October 30, 2007

I have just returned from my afternoon saunter into town for lunch and back. Its a lovely day-people are wrapped in different coats, getting ready to welcome winter. I love this time of year-the beginning of the winter. Time to get out the sweaters and jackets and scarves. A whole new wardrobe in the being :). The air is brisk and chilly, and one wishes one could sit near a fire and sip hot chocolate and forget about work 😉. I did stop to get myself a cookie (supposedly called Danny’s favorite macadamia nut white chocolate cookies-I hope Danny has good taste!) from my favorite bakery in town.

So, coming back to my favorite (and often elusive) topic of mindfulness. I think its easy to maintain mindfulness when things are well, and you are doing what you enjoy. Its harder to cultivate that mindfulness when it comes to actions which may not be particularly to our liking, but have to be done anyways. Life is a combination of things we love doing, things which are not so bad, and then the things which we would prefer not to do, if we could help it. But then there are always things belonging to all three categories-how do we maintain equanimity through them all?

Its been one of those kind of weeks for me. I’ve had to work on a document not exactly in my *normal* work category that was tedious and time-consuming, mainly because of how boring the work was. It was a day’s work in the ideal situation of my enjoying the work. In this case, it dragged to three days, and I was stuck with a feeling of ‘when will this get done!’. I realized after two of those days, that it was my approach to the work that needed a change-not the work itself. I could still enjoy the work even if it was not to my liking. Everything can be enjoyed if need be, if we are in the right frame of mind for it. Its the perception that needs a change. So, the third day, I approached it as not something to get done, instead something that I would do mindfully and enjoy as much as possible. The work did get done as everything does, and I returned home yesterday evening happy but exhausted (maybe the enjoyment was too much for me 😉 ).

I came home and got ready for my yoga practice to help me relax for the evening. I start doing my poses, and I’m still lying down doing hand to knee when I hear this loud cacophony. Its the sound from hundreds of birds (mostly crows!)-it seemed as though all the crows in Hanover had decided to come to our community! It was really bizarre, especially considering it was close to sun-down. My first thought was-am I delirious!? Then I listened to the sounds again and actually saw hundreds of birds on the trees from the window. My faith in my sanity got stronger-this was real. I finished my yoga as mindfully as I could, at the same time wondering why I felt strangely *distracted* at the racket. Din’t the birds have a right to be there as much as I did!? Of course part of me also wondered if there was something going on in the air-maybe a premonition of some sort. or a bird-onslaught as in the famous ‘Birds’. Honestly, it was extremely wierd. Though, it still din’t stop me from getting my 9 hrs of beauty sleep at night.

This morning, waking up at dawn, and proceeding to my meditation room, I lit the candles and looked out at the calm peaceful sky. I opened the window an inch (it was too cold to open more) and sat down in half-lotus with my eyes closed. and then guess what-its like the crows knew I was there! They started their very unmusical sounds in full volume. At one point, it seemed like hundreds of crows merged into a single rising crescendo. And here I was trying to meditate. What does one do when things are not really conducive to our plans..? Be mindful. So, I sat there with my eyes closed, noticing all my reactions to the noises. noticed my urge to chuck the whole thing and go to bed, because the meditation wasn’t *going anywhere*. I noticed all of these thoughts without judgement, accepting them. I noticed that in fact, the sounds helped me stay awake and connected to my breath. And the whole thing was funny. The birds being up at dawn and waking up everyone at their will.

When we got ready to leave for work-we went out and saw all the bird droppings on the cars. Oh yes, there were plenty and on almost all of the cars. It was funny. (Though I’m not entirely enthusiastic about a repeat of the episode 😉 ).

So, the day started. Sometimes, all we can do in practicing mindfulness, is be there. be in the situation and enjoy what we can-our reactions, our thoughts and the mind behind it all..

Much love, S.


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