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on November 2, 2007

I was reading this article in kripalu newsletter this month, by by Mark Pettus, MD.

here are some of his words, which ring home to me, felt like sharing them here:
Current mind-body science is bringing to light the biological underpinnings of our universal nature to love, to connect with others, and to transcend the individual self. This fascinating research is proving that we are by our very nature designed to heal and that powerful, primal systems exist within our biology to support this natural unfolding. As humans, cultivating this healing potential is what we are meant to do. Perhaps this is why it is the spiritual dimension of the medical encounters I have had with patients and families over the last 25 years that I have found most awe-inspiring, moving, and meaningful.

Not really a surprise. But this is probably why once we have tasted that kind of freedom, we want more.

With love, S.


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