slowing down..

I write this blog on a sunny day, the sunlight streaming through the skylight facing my window. Everything seems different in the light. Life is different in the light. The light that dwells in all of us-our true nature. one that we forget exists. and yet-that nature has only to be called upon, to show us the light through the way.

I was in yoga class yesterday, when it struck me. I saw everything for what it was. all the changes in the past few months, all the emotions involved, even in a single day. All the thoughts and feelings that transpire. that we get caught in. and then there is the beyond. the beyond that is not affected by any of this. The beyond in us, and the beyond beyond us. Our spirit, our inner witness that knows it all, sees it all, never judging, always loving. We live in our daily lives, activities and emotions. It becomes our world. But we forget that there is a much larger world. A world in which our daily actions are but a small part. The world where we can truly see ourselves for who we are. this and beyond this. Life has its ups and downs. And we start to fall in its traps. We start identifying with the ups and downs. we give words. we ache to find meaning in our actions, in our life.

But the reality, at least the reality I felt for a moment yesterday, is that we are beyond this. beyond words and beyond identifications. We have a larger-than-life force running through us. a ‘shakthi’, that is unsullied by the details. The shakthi that is one with the universe. that knows no boundaries. The shakthi that is divine, and knows it. We don’t have to search for meaning anymore. we are complete in every way already. Even before we were born, we were complete. we have always been. When we slow down and look deeply, we can see that shakthi. we can tap into it. more importantly, we can just be. Just be the big mind. non-seeking, non-attaching. just content to be.

We think often as ourselves (our tiny selves) to be the major player, the heroine or hero of our drama. But the truth is that the real hero and heroine is not in this tiny self. Its the self that watches the play. that knows whats going on. That understands and is always compassionate. that is in us.

But I also realized the key to unlocking this door-the key is to slow down. To slow down in life enough to observe. When we are going at a million miles in life, how can we actually see life from the outside..? We have to slow down to see what is really happening in this cosmos. How we are part of each other. part of this shakthi. and when that door opens, we catch a glimpse into the life which has no suffering. For, suffering is but temporary. It is this shakthi that is the only thing permanant.

May we all have time to slow down this weekend. To slow down in life. And enjoy our connection to the true spirit through the myriad of ways that become available when we slow down.

With peace, S.


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