Joy in every moment..

You know that first bite into a delicious piece of chocolate-the rush of joy it sends within you? or the first taste of a hot delicious soup or dal on a cold cold day-that rush of comfort. Or the first step into a sunny day-how good the breeze feels on your face and hair.

It is possible to extend that joy beyond the first taste, to continue filling the senses through the activity and not just its beginning. The first moment of everything from love to a warm shower on a cold day, feels wonderful because it is a change. But that change is in every moment-not just the first one. The level of change may be different, but every moment is different nonetheless. We always want to finish things. tie up all the loose ends. finish our coffee and get to the next thing. But that cup of coffee has the ability to wake us up to the joys of life. Why does everything need to be the means to an end? What about the means being the end itself..?

This is what struck me this weekend, when I was in this lovely inn called New London Inn. We were there for a short visit, a break from everyday life. And as I sat for dinner that night and sipped my french onion soup, I felt that joy one feels simply for being there in the moment. The soup was amazingly tasty, with gooey melted cheese on top of toasted bread in the soup. And as I sipped spoonfuls of it, I was simply there. I was in no hurry to finish it. It reminds me of a saying I heard from Thay that comes to me at moments like this:

‘nowehere to go, nothing to do. there is no need to hurry.

somewhere to go, something to do, but there is no need to worry :).’.

The joys in simple things are bountiful. As we had dinner that night at the inn, I was grateful for having the resources and time to be there with Abhi and enjoy the wonderful dinner cooked by the chef. Normally, I’m a vegetarian, but I had had the only vegetarian option the night before. So this night, I ordered the chef’s special-a seafood stew. And I enjoyed every bite of it. I knew that was the only way I could respect the chef’s efforts and my body. By savoring the food that was nourishing me. It was a saffron stew and tasted so good! While, that does not mean I’m going to have seafood everyday, it does make me realize how much we can enjoy things which we would never have thought we would. That is life, when you live it without expectations, and in the present moment.

We deeply enjoyed all the activities this weekend-going on a walk, lazing in the bathtub, having breakfast, watching a movie, enjoying dinner. There was no hurry, and that made every single thing special.

So, today as you go on your day, forget time. time always takes care of itself. just enjoy what you are doing right now-maybe it is reading this blog. And enjoy that sense of freedom which comes when you live in the moment-you have money, food and a roof over your head-isn’t that reason enough to celebrate…?

:), Peace, S.


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