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Food and me.

on November 6, 2007

I’m definitely a food lover. I always loved food and one of the things my mom says she misses about me is how much I enjoyed her food. I know Abhi too loves cooking for me because of how much I love his food. I enjoy eating and I often wonder what my next meal is going to be.

I realized the full import of how much I loved food, when I found that, when I wake up early in the morning and sit for meditation-guess what thoughts occupy my mind the most-FOOD!!! It was unbelievable when I first realized it. People worry about their problems. the *bigger* issues. And I think of food. My thoughts are either on my previous meal, or my next meal. And sometimes, over the weekends especially, I start drooling, thinking of delicious muffins I might have at the bakery, for breakfast. I was actually a little shame-faced when I realized what thoughts came to me when I was in my calm state. Its funny. I once saw Ellen deGeneres’s show on TV (she is a comedian)-and she was talking about how when she is in yoga class all centered and sitting in lotus with her mind absolutely calm, guess what she finds pops into her head-the song from the clorox ad!! ;). Indeed, its bizarre what our mind finds comfort in.

When I mentioned this to a friend of mine Carol, she said that she had read about these different types into which people possible fit (one of those classifications, of which there are so many out there)-and one of them actually thought of food all the time! I have to find out more from her. But there it is-maybe my food obsession has a deeper meaning to it ;).

And then, I found this week, that my mind now sought solace in a different genre of thoughts. We are watching this television series called Felicity, on dvd currently. Its this great series based on this girl Felicity’s college experiences, and all her friends and boy-friends. Keri Russel who plays felicity, is a fantastic actress. and the stories are very engrossing and well-acted. and this week, doing yoga in the morning, I found my thoughts drifting to the characters in the show. (my mind went-what will Julie do next? Will Noel find his way back to college? will Ben stand up for his love?..). Each time, I had to notice this and smile in humor and get back to my breath. It was really bizarre. And same with meditation last evening!

And then it came to me-none of these thoughts had any deeper meaning. they were just the thoughts the mind was choosing to get busy with. If it hadn’t been food or felicity, it would have been something else. Thats the nature of the mind-to go galloping in different directions, to try and not keep still. And that was exactly what meditation was about-to notice all of these things, accept them and let them go. Slowly, the thoughts start to fade-and the mind starts to become transparent. Then, even when the thought of the palak paneer dish comes up, I can simply notice and smile-like a mother indulging a naughty child. and I can find the calm within these thoughts.

So, here is to our thoughts-without them how would we ever wake up! :).

Much love, S.


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