Kindred spirits

I had an amazing evening yesterday. And the reason for this is that I got to hang out with my girl friends. And every time I meet with any of my girl friends-every single time, it strikes me how much we women need other women in our lives. How they complete us in a way a man could never hope to.

Because women understand each other. When I hang out with my friends, it reassures me that I’m not crazy because I’m needy sometimes. Thats its normal and its okay. And that I’m not alone in going through the emotional roller-coaster of life. All of my friends go through it too. Its just the way we are built. Our moods go sky-rocketing up one day and plummeting down another day. And our hormones don’t help in any way in this. We feel miserable thinking we have got to be the only ones in the world to face this. And then we realize when we are with our friends, that all of us go through the exact same pattern. Its very reassuring! :).

And whats more, our friends always accept us for who we are. They don’t expect anything from us. And they are always supportive. And they never judge. Thats just the way it works. And women remind each other of the need to take care of ourselves. Life has so many different things going on-to actually be in it-and I mean, be a player, on the stage, and not on the sidelines-we need to feel pampered and cared for and nourished. And that nourishment comes foremost from ourselves. Only when we care for ourselves, can we care for others. And being with my friends reminds me of that every single time.

Most of all, its how it feels when we know we can talk our hearts out. Its a bond only women share. A gift only they can give. The women in my life, both family and friends, make my life complete. and it makes me feel joyful :).

So, here is to our kindred spirits, the women in our lives.

Much love, S.


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