New beginnings..

I’m really excited this morning. One of the reasons is that tomorrow is the most special festival in India, called Deepavali-the festival of lights. Its the festival for which families prepare well in advance, buying and making sweets and savory snacks, and new clothes. Its the festival of the year-kinda like christmas.

And like all indian festivals, the date of the occasion depends on the moon. And it is on the day of the new moon tomorrow in the sign of Scorpio. Here is what astrology says about this day:

All new Moons represent beginnings, and when the Moon moves in to passionate Scorpio on November 8, it’s time to give your desires and emotions full expression. Invest time and energy — and perhaps even finances — into something you care about and want to nurture and grow. Letting go of past hang-ups or self-defeating notions will help move you forward.

Thats probably why, even though I’m not actually in India, I still feel the energy of the moon and the spirit of the festival. And I’m always game to let go of my hang-ups :).

And in addition to that-we received the most amazing parcel yesterday from home-from Mama, Papa and my beloved sis-in-law, Arpan. And it had many special things-but one thing that was very special just for me- indian sweets :). As soon as I saw the package containing the sweets-the thought came to my head-could this possibly be..? couldn’t they actually allow sweets to be sent..? hmm..I wonder..

and there was a squeal from somewhere inside me-YAY!! They were sweets! unbelievable. Only Mama could have sent them to me-bearing the thoughts of love from home, my lovely home, my land. It was truly memorable.

So, here is wishing all my loved ones, Happy Deepavali. Celebrate the light in your life. and have fun!!
Love, S.


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