Last evening, we saw this amazing hindi movie called ‘Chak de India’ (meaning, just do it!). And I was blown away by this simple story of a coach who trains this women’s hockey team to compete for the world championship. (at a time when the women’s hockey team is close to being non-existent). The team has 16 girls from different parts of the country. They all have their own agendas and their own baggage. The story is of how this coach unites them into thinking for their country. They train, they work hard. And they do very well. And finally just before they go into the finals, he tells them-“I won’t tell you how to play in the coming 70 minutes of the game, of your life. I’ll just tell you this: enjoy yourself out there. Enjoy every moment of these 70 minutes, and make them yours. Show the world and all those who doubted you, what you are capable of. And I know if you play your very best hockey in those 70 minutes, nothing can stop you, and not even God can ask for those 70 minutes back. Go, do it. They are yours to claim. ” I loved those lines!! How true! Isn’t that so with life in general..? If we lived completely in the moment as if nothing else matters, then can there be any doubt about the quality of that life..? Can there be anything to stop us?

The girls in the movie play-they play for the nation and for each other. and they forget all of their shortcomings. And they win. The movie leaves you with a sense of euphoria. That feeling that comes when you go beyond your limits and achieve what you thought was impossible. That feeling when you take that leap of faith-and you fly. and nothing can ever be the same again. Its a kind of freedom, this euphoria, that is not available to us when we are in our normal circumstances-when we think too much. If you recall anytime you have experienced this feeling, it is normally when you have let go of all the norms and lived in the moment. You don’t worry about the past or future. they simply don’t exist. only the moment does. and like an eagle, you soar high. and that moment stays with you forever.

The movie made me wonder, can we experience this euphoria more often or is it destined to be one of those countable moments in life..? And I think the answer is that-it is possible to in fact live in euphoric bliss all the time. This happens when time stops. No limits exist and every action from a simple eating to climbing Mt Everest, can become euphoric. And for this to happen, its necessary to function from our heart, and forget our mind which loves to intellectualize everything.

Going back to those moments when I have felt euphoria, I realize that in those times, there have surely been obstacles. (thats why its euphoric, rite!). So, its certainly not the obstacles that have stopped us from experiencing the feeling. It is the fact that we have not let those obstacles stop us.

Nothing in life is simple. Life is complicated enough as it is, with work and family and taking care of everyday life. I’m not saying we should all give up everything and start taking those leaps into the air..and try and do impossible things. Instead, everything has to start small. and start somewhere. And whether the actions are small or big does not matter. It is the feeling that matters. Giving a child a piece of chocolate and seeing her face light up spontaneously can be as euphoric as winning a marathon. That is the key to living life fully, I think. Some people search for that euphoria in adventures. in mountain climbing. in near-death experiences. In fact, I have read books and articles on mountaineers (it appeals very much to my adventurous side) and for most of them, it becomes like a drug-having known that euphoria, it is hard to live the regular life.

And yet, our regular mundane lives are actually treasure chests of bliss, if only we looked. If we removed the clouds from our eyes. and we removed our hangups and emotional hassles. and we just saw our lives for what it is worth-its amazing but it is full of potential euphoric moments.

As I see the clear blue sky and feel how limitless life can be, I touch bliss. Have you looked at the full moon on a clear night? It is so beautiful! Or, if you have ever listened to the ‘om namah shivaya’ track of Krishna Das. It fills me with bliss at the miracles life has for us. And the people who connect with us. Its not like my day won’t have ups and downs-but I know they pale in comparison to the jewel that exists in front of me now. And I hope we all find these moments in our everyday life.

peace and bliss, S.


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