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Sitting like a Buddha

on November 13, 2007

From my writings last evening:

It is a quiet evening after a long tiring monday. After the long day’s work, I am ready for a break. And I decide to practice sitting as a Buddha.

This wonderful practice was introduced to me by the venerable Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh), and I can hear his voice as he lovingly spoke about this practice. Basically, sitting like a Buddha is to completely enjoy the simple act of sitting. To revel in it. To sit straight and sit as if you were sitting on a lotus. There is no agenda in your mind other than to enjoy sitting. To let your body and mind rest and to let Buddha take over. To feel the earth supporting you and the sky above. And you just sit.

As I practice sitting this evening, thoughts appear and disappear. and I keep coming back to the Buddha sitting for me. I feel beautiful and complete. My mind rests. and I know this is where healing begins.

It is not easy to just sit still, without practice. You’ll notice all the things *to do*-and you’ll want to get up and do them. And yet, they don’t really matter-only the here and the now matters. And if you stay, you’ll experience real freedom. in being the Buddha-the one with the lotus heart.

I have enjoyed sitting this evening. and I feel nurtured and nourished. May we all enjoy sitting like the Buddha!

Here is a lotus for you, a Buddha to be,



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