Alone and together..

This weekend, I had an interesting conversation where something I have often felt in the past was repeated to me- ‘every person’s journey is different’. and that we can never completely understand another person because we are all unique and different. Hearing this brought the thought into a new light and got me wondering.. yes, we are each a different unique individual and thats what makes the world a beautiful place. each of us bring something unique into this world by being ourselves. But this sentiment is supposed to make us feel good, not alienated. Yet, at different points in life, many of us have ached for understanding, have felt isolated in the difference we esteemed, and had that feeling that others don’t really understand us and who we are. And we have felt, they never will be able to.

It made me think, are we really fundamentally that different..? We all want understanding and love, in some form or the other. We all search for a meaning in our life, someone to make us complete. To help us feel that our actions matter. We all feel miserable at times that no one understands us. and that we are too complicated. And we all want happiness and less suffering. So, are we really different? At a micro level, yes we are different. But at a macro level, in the big scheme of things, we are all eeriely similar in our emotions and thoughts.

Maybe there is a powerful thread that connects us-precisely this longing and suffering, and in reality we are not really alone. All of us feel the exact same things!! All our journeys maybe take different forks and paths but the intentions behind the journeys are pretty similar. We are more alike than we think. and we are certainly not alone.

May we have the ability to see each other’s longings and sufferings and our own selves in it.

With love, S.


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