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on November 21, 2007

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to come across this album on itunes called ‘Krishna: makhan chor, nand kishore’. This album is a collection of songs of Lord Krishna-Krishna’s songs are usually about his adventures of stealing butter when he was a child, or dancing with the gopikas, the women he grew up with. They are always playful and uplifting to listen to. This particular album had songs sung by Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Shuba Mudgal, some of the renowned singers of India. Now, as I listened to the first song, my heart leaped and I couldn’t contain my joy! You see, the first song in the album is called ‘madhukar shyam hamare chor’, and my Dad had this cassette when I was growing up with this song. It was the exact song-and it brought back a flood of memories from childhood, the lovely times when I would listen to songs sitting at the back of our car with my Dad driving and when music would play in our living room and the family would be together while going through each one’s day. It was intangible, this feeling I experienced-like I was listening to a deep part of myself. I downloaded the whole album and for the next two days, kept playing the songs over and over again. I marveled at the range of the voices of the musicians. The songs were indescribably joyful. And I loved them.

Abhi liked them but not to the same magnitude. He possibly couldn’t understand why I was so drawn to the songs..and it made me realize how much our likes and dislikes stem from our memories and experiences in life. They become inseparable-and when we *love* something, it usually has something to do with our past, or our aspirations for the future.

I was reminded of it yet again when I was talking to my sister about one of her favorite movies called ‘woh lamhe’. The movie is very touching and based on the true story of an actress who was schiezophrenic. The movie is a love story and beautifully directed. I really liked it, but I knew that for my sister, it touched a much deeper chord. And it probably had to do with her own experiences in life and her deeper innate nature of compassion towards those who suffer for reasons beyond their control.

Yesterday, in discussing a novel in our book group, I yet again witnessed a dear friend whose love for the book went deeper than for the rest of us, and had a lot to do with what she was experiencing in life when she read the book.

It is truly amazing to see how many ways our experiences shape us as a person..and how some choices innately appeal to our nature at a deeper level, and show us who we really are and what we really want.

As I saw this movie called ‘into the wild’ on sunday about this young man’s journey to find the *truth* beyond society and rules and hypocrisy, tears sprang to my eyes even as I was watching the first scene. It reminded me of where my own heart lay-in finding oneself and having the faith to make that journey.

May we all appreciate the wonderful mysteries within us and enjoy our true nature.

With love, S.


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