The rose’s life..


She peeped out of the ground, her first glimpse of the earth around her-a miracle of wonder. She was a thorny bush, but still, she was glad to see the sunlight! From a seed, she had sprouted into this plant. Not particularly beautiful, as she gazed around her in marvel at the beautiful roses looking at her from their places in thorny bushes. “They look beautiful!” she breathed..yes, she was glad to be part of this garden.

Some time (days or years, time has no measure..) later:

She had grown into a bush, and now she was a rosebud. The tiny seed of worry had been sown in her-she worried..would she be as beautiful as the others when she bloomed? They looked so perfect. and in her half-bud state, she din’t feel quite as beautiful. She had seen some others of her friends being cut off before they bloomed..she wondered what happened to them-did they bloom..? she worried about her size. did she need less sun or more sun.., did she need a diet for her water..?she wanted to do everything possible to be a perfect rose. She definitely worried.

and one evening, a bee spoke in her ear: ” you are going to be beautiful, whether you worry or not. and I’ll sure as hell love the nectar you provide!”. She trusted that voice and let the worries fade.

A few mornings later:

She woke up to the sun and felt strange. She had expanded! She looked around at herself, it seemed like she had a million rose petals! she felt different, and she tried to explore how it felt. And that night, looking up at the moon-she saw her reflection: she was beautiful! she was a beautiful and perfect rose. Nature had taken its course. and she had already been perfect even before she bloomed, she realized. She was now a rose. A beautiful luscious red rose.

Few days later:

She saw some of her friends change color..they were drying and dying! she was aghast that a beautiful rose could shed all her petals and become the dust. Why would such beauty fade! She worried that she too will end that way. is there no way for immortality? she wondered..

And then a voice beside her spoke-a rose in her last days. she said, ‘You may think that as a rose, I was beautiful, but I feel beautiful even as I pass on. I know I will become part of the earth again. and I will manifest again. That is life. Beauty is not only in your form right now as a full-blown rose, but it is there in everything, even dust. and that dust and earth will feed another plant like the one you are part of. So, oh, rose, let go of your attachments and open your will see..


and she saw. she saw the impermanant nature of all beings. she saw that she too will fade from vision as a rose, but she will exist in other forms. and when the right conditions arrive, she may manifest again. But she din’t need to worry. Right now, she could just enjoy being the rose. and enjoy it completely knowing it won’t last..and thats what makes it special. thats what makes this moment special.

From the rose in my heart, S.


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