I’m not sure if many of those reading this believe in astrology. I’m not totally sure how much I believe in it, but what I love about it is the understanding that we all have certain qualities that we are predisposed to, and that vary from individual to individual. As for me, when my dear friend Stella told me that my moon was in the sign of Libra, I understood why I always have such a hard time making decisions when it comes to people I love, and my emotional side. I keep see-sawing until I finally reach a place of balance.

It is sometimes hard for many of us to reach that place of balance, of wise action. We want to do the right thing and we care for others. There are so many things to think about that it can be difficult arriving at one choice! And one thing that has helped me in this area, is intention.

From a buddhist perspective, the intention we set has a powerful role in shaping our being, in right speech and right action, right here meaning wise, and coming from a compassionate place within us. So, if we are clear in our intention, the rest follows more easily. Hence, once I go back to my intention for doing anything or speaking anything, it becomes easier for me to make a choice regarding my action at the moment.

I keep coming back to this as I think of life. Life has so many unpredictables, and there will always be situations where making the right choice will be difficult. At that moment, we can come back to our intentions for our lives. Obviously, it then becomes important to set those intentions in the first place. And these intentions change with time for every one of us, so it is nice to revisit them periodically.

I remember this time in my life when I was living with my husband in his bachelor’s apartment. I had just given up my place to move there, and I also drove an hour and half each way for work. Coming back from work to this small place (which I din’t feel entirely as my space yet) was very difficult for me. It was a stressful period of time and that did not make me a nice person to be around, esp. for my hubby. At that point, I had this wonderful opportunity to go on a yoga retreat. And one thing that touched me at that retreat was the need to take care of myself. I discovered ayurveda and how fundamentally we are wired differently, and to achieve balance, we have to take care of ourselves possibly in a different way that the person next to us or living with us. When I came back from the retreat, I came with the intention of using ayurveda and yoga to make my life better. It made a fundamental change in my life. Instead of giving up my job, I found ways to make my drive better and to settle myself after a long drive. Abhi and I found a larger space, in time, which we could own together. And eating choices became much easier with that intention in mind. I’m glad to say that finally the period of long drives too got over and we now live much closer to work. Ofcourse, in this story, there have been many favorables for me, a loving partner to support me, financial means to find a bigger place and loving friends and family. And the underlying intention only served to strengthen the role of these in my life.

Intentions are a powerful thing, and they can make changes happen in our lives. Most importantly, they can remind us of what we really want in our lives. and this morning, as I wore my wish bracelet (it has a dangling small heart and the inscription with the bracelet said, that I could carry the wishes in my heart with me as I wore it), I was reminded yet again of my intentions and wishes in my heart at this moment in my life.

May we all set wise intentions and let the cosmos send us the right energy to make it happen!

Peace, S.


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