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The bridge to freedom

on December 7, 2007

Namaste. It is a beautiful day here. Not outside, but inside me. One of the reasons being that today is friday. The end of the week coupled with the fact that I had my yoga class yesterday evening. Yesterday afternoon, while walking, I tripped on the cuff of my pants (which are these expensive designer pants that I bought sometime back-they are somewhat longer and really meant to be worn with heels, and I din’t bother to adhere to the rules of designer pants-I wore flats..). Nothing major though it felt foolish falling on a nicely paved road. Just a minor shaking up of my system. And when I got home, I wondered if I should skip yoga class. and then I examined my physical self-I felt pretty fine. So, I decided to go. I set myself an intention: today, I would step outside my comfort zone.

As with most people I have some poses that I can do easily and some poses which are limited to me by my physical flexibility. But yesterday evening, it was different. As Sue told us to tune into our inner self, my inner self felt free! It felt unfettered by the limitations posed by the body. I knew I still couldn’t do extraordinary feats. But I also knew that by being free and mindful, maybe I could go beyond the boundaries that we tend to subconsciously set for ourselves. I decided to forget all notions of what my body can do and approach the class with a spirit of curiosity.

And what better pose to experience freedom than a back bend! We started with supported bridge on these two blocks placed under the sitting bones, and slowly lifted up our feet. There I was! soaring into the air, balanced precariously on two blocks with my feet up in the air. Normally, I would have been somewhat hesitant, but yesterday, there was no knowing fear. I just stayed there for what seemed like an eternity..enjoying the bliss of going beyond my body. My heart radiating joy. There was no body, no me. There was just this amazing energy willing to put myself out there.

When we can go beyond the situation, the limitations posed by our body, our minds, we can touch real freedom. This freedom does not come from recklessness. It comes from a willingness to explore what the moment holds, while being full aware of what we can do. It is in finding freedom within boundaries. For each pose holds its limits. and in being within them and following the rules, we can find our own experience of the limits-and the limitless.

Exactly as in life. No matter how uncomfortable the body or mind, the heart is vast and knows no boundaries. We just need to trust this-have faith and soar like an eagle, fearless and free.

May we experience freedom in our lives,

with an open heart, S.


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