partaking in a party..

Daalu dressed up.Yesterday evening, we went to a christmas party at daalu’s work place. Another first for me this year, among the many firsts include getting my flushot and making butternut squash soup. We have never been to holiday parties at work before, either because we have travelled to India this time of year, or we have lived too far from work to make it all the way. So, honestly I din’t quite know what to expect.

Both Abhi and I dressed up. He wore this ravishing new suit that mama had sent for him, complete with new shirt and tie. and it all went really well together, so my job was pretty much done, my only addition to his outfit being a new pair of dress-socks I had got for him. And I have to say, he looked dashing in the outfit :). I wore a magnolia colored turtleneck with a diamond pendant and earrings that had been specially designed for me by mama. The color is particularly well-suited for my complexion so it was a good choice (though I toyed with several indian outfits before chucking the idea due to the freezing cold out). So, we landed there at about 6.30.

And the place was teeming. There were about 600 people in the party and we hardly knew anyone. and it seemed like it was the ‘stop and chat’ routine, except you counted to 20 and moved on to the next person to stop and chat. Now, I understood what this woman I had talked to, meant when I had asked her about parties-and how it would be nice to meet new folks. she said, ‘yeah, but we always end up hanging out with the same folks’. It all seemed like a big plan, to see and be seen. Now, I could understand why christmas could be a hectic stressed time for most folks. We did get to meet some of the people daalu works with which was nice, as well as the big folks: daalu introduced me to his boss, who is this very down-to-earth person and part of the college’s board where I worked. We chatted a bit (I liked him the best of all the people we met) and that was pretty much it. Then we headed to dinner-it was such an adventure-daalu and me navigating the maze of people to get to the buffet. we ate our dinner and left the place laughing and giggling to the car.

And this morning I woke up with a smile. The whole affair had left me with one endearing moment-daalu in his suit shaking people’s hands and immediatly introducing me as his wife. He looked so proud. and I felt so good, so cherished, being by his side. I loved it! It reminded me yet again of why I love my man so much.

So, here is to parties, when we do make it to them, and here is to good memories from them!

Cheers, S.


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