The heart’s ocean

There are times in life, when I’m upset or stressed, and I do have thoughts which are not always kind. And yet, it amazes me how, when I sit down in meditation, watching my breath, my mind calm, my heart open, I can only feel kindness towards others. A desire for all of humanity to have peace, no exceptions. It reminds me of the innate goodness we possess within us-it is always there. Sometimes, it is harder to find, but it is our true self. Our deeper true nature. To be kind.

Come to think of it, our heart is a storehouse of experiences. Every emotion that is possible, has already been felt. every role, whether being a mother, a brother, a sister, a wife, has already been played, through many many manifestations. Our conscious mind may not realize it, but our heart knows it. Thats why when we open our hearts, we find it possible to be compassionate to one and all, and understand what they are feeling. we have felt it too. once. We don’t have to be a mother to understand the anguish of separation from a child. Or a husband, to know the suffering of watching his wife fade away. Our heart is an ocean of kindness and compassion. If we open our hearts, we are right there. we can see through the past and the future. everything is present in this moment.

May we all be aware of the innate kindness inside us and trust our hearts,

With love, S.


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