Receiving grace

My birthday is coming up..and that is yet another beautiful reason to set an intention for myself and to practice :). This time, I’m reminded of a beautiful way to celebrate the day, a thought I heard from Thay-to think of it as a continuation day rather than a birthday. To celebrate all that I continue in this universe-the energies of my ancestors, my beloved family, my spiritual family, my friends, my land, this earth, air, water, fire. To think of the countless people who have made my life possible on this day. and all that I continue by sharing my energy. I hope that I can contribute to happiness and peace in this universe-and be worthy of the love and support given to me.

As I thought of this, and of giving and sharing my energy, I realized that the important aspect I was leaving out, as part of continuing, is receiving. For, being open to receiving grace and love is as much a part of life as giving. By being a generous receiver and open to whatever comes along, by taking with honor what others give us, we become one with the universe and part of the bigger picture. When we drop our expectations, and welcome with open arms whatever we receive, the offerings become sacred and touch a deeper part of us.

This morning, I’m receiving grace. The love of loved ones and the blessings of many many people. A reminder of how expansive and generous the universe is. And how giving people’s hearts are. And I’m touched with love.

May we all open up to grace, the underlying fabric of this universe.

With love, S.


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