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Mauja hi mauja..

on January 3, 2008

Is the title of this catchy hindi film song that when literally translated means, ‘all is fun!’. And this was the song that cheered me up this morning into dancing (or rather, wriggling with gusto) in my car seat as I drove to work this morning.

Both Abhi and I woke up this morning, feeling like we just had an afternoon nap, and we were ready to head out for the evening..thanks to the jet lag. This time, last week, we were getting ready to go to a bollywood movie with mama, papa and Arps. And it is hard to adjust into the work life after 2 weeks of doing fun things, and not being on any schedule. This morning, I was up at 5.15 am (I fared better than yesterday when I was up at 3.00 am!) and as I started yoga, I saw the calendar Mama had given me, rolled up. I unrolled it, and wow, did it brighten our room!! It has this gloriously celebratory picture of Lord Krishna and Radha, the quintessential loving couple, from the beautiful ‘hare krishna hare rama’ temple in Bombay. It made my yoga go into a new dimension, as I did my sun salutations facing the beautiful poster. As Abhi and I had our morning breakfast, we looked back nostalgically to our vacation days. and we sighed. We mutually agreed, without reservation that the vacation had been truly wonderful, a gift. and now the real life faced us. Today’s temperature here is currently 0 degrees Faranheit. And that, my friend, can be safely called *cold*!!!

The beautiful thing about vacations, in a way, is that they end-and leave us with beautiful memories. If they din’t end, how would we have these memories to cherish!! And they move us into another dimension in life-which is always so, when we are with family and close friends…At a previous time in my life, I would have been depressed from missing everyone…but now, I don’t mind. Missing our loved ones is good. It keeps us alive. and life does go on. and more cherished times will also come in the future. and as for today, as the song reminded me, its mauja hi mauja…the spirit of the love we shared, continues on…

With love, S.


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