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on January 14, 2008

Last week was exhausting…by the time Friday evening came, I was totally burned out. But guess what, I had scheduled a massage appointment on Friday thanking my lucky stars, I went for my massage. The thing about massages is that till you get one, you can’t imagine how much you need it. As I got into a relaxed state and came home that evening, it struck me..that we take life way too seriously!

In order to fully enjoy life, we have appreciate the humor in it. How we always get caught in drama over and over again. How we always want to control our lives..and others’ at times..even when we know its impossible. how much we judge.. and above all, how we get upset at the very same things over and over again..!!

My friend Sarah puts it beautifully…its like baking. You need a little bit of everything to make something yummy. you need the flour, the butter, the eggs, the baking powder, the spices..just because you like butter or baking powder, what happens when you put too much of it!? You get an unwieldy mess, thats what happens! Its a balance of ingredients, some of which may not be so good on their own, that makes a cake delicious. Why then do we have so much trouble accepting that of life!?

Life is funny in the big scheme of things, if we can see it. ironical even…to let go of worries is so easy. Its like shaking water droplets off your back, as simple as that..and yet we always manage to want to cling on.

So, I decided that the most fun way to enjoy life was to live in the present, and see the humor in our lives..and take ourselves less seriously. not only is it easier then to smile and be joyful, it is also good for the heart :).

Reminds me of our drive to Boston about a month back when we were leaving for India. It was snowing like crazy, and our limo driver Burt was getting us through the snow-storm…with aplomb. As he said it, ‘you can worry and get stressed about the snow, but that doesn’t change the snow-storm one bit. so why not enjoy it!?’ Rightly and wisely said!

Here is to all of us enjoying the slice of life that we get..whatever it is..and top it with yummy chocolate sauce, with whipped cream on top and a cherry and slivered almonds to garnish..thats the way has got to be had..there is no other way.

With love, S.


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