slow down..and enjoy the dance..

Yesterday nite was a full moon. and I had the opportunity to gaze at the beauty of the moon… and it made me feel truly wonderful. It gave me this profound feeling that anything is possible in life..and everything we really want, our deepest desires, are within reach.

I could feel that energy all through yesterday, and yet, it is when I saw the moon that the feeling became tangible..and it made me think: if I din’t take time to reflect and watch the beauty of the night, would I have still felt that freedom of possibility to the same extent?

We have so much happiness at hand, so much to celebrate in life. A warm home, loving family and friends, good health and above all, the grace of this universe. and yet unless we take the time to stop and reflect, how can we realize that everything is there already with us? How can we truly appreciate what we have?

As often said in zen, we are all divine. Each one of us already possesses the seed of awakening, of enlightenment within us. we are already there. and yet, unless we realize this truth, it is of no use. I like to extend that thought to life in general. Unless we are actually aware of what is going on right now, unless we experience the moment and engage in it, we cannot appreciate the innate joy and wonder in life. And how connected we are to each other.

The key is to stop. To stop from the hustle and bustle, and just be-to be completely present in what is right now. The gentle breeze swaying the trees..the beautiful moon shining its soft gaze on us. The steady mountains we can count on. Our own lives which have been gifted to us. and the steady presence of peace that is at hand.

All we have to do is slow down and stop to really see. what is within.

May we all get a chance to do this in our everyday life..

with Love, S.


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