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experiencing ‘God’..

on February 12, 2008

My favorite singer to listen to, is Krishna Das. I love listening to him because he sings like he has felt God. I’m not talking about knowing God, or singing about God, but feeling what is that higher being, higher universe, in your fiber. Not just someone you revere-but someone you love and feel and know as your friend, your everyday partner. Like Rumi did in his poems, Das does in his voice. And when I listen to Krishna Das singing ‘hare raam’, I’m reminded of the God in me-my ally, my friend.

We often think of life and its experiences in a dual way-some good some bad. some we don’t want. some we want more of. and yet beneath all of these experiences is something deeper-godliness..what do I call godliness-the knowing that all of it is a gift from a higher being. whether good or bad, all experiences take us directly to what we call God. for there is no good or bad. there is only reality. and how we experience it. and when we experience everything as an expression of the divine, it does not matter so much that we like it or not. It matters only that we are engaged directly with God-with this universe, as we receive and give and share our love.

The God that I believe in, is a higher universe-and yet it is that energy that channel that connects directly through me-for I am a vital part of this universe. Not I as this egoistic individual, but I as an energy space that exists, evolves and shares. and thats why my choices make a difference. and thats why when I can feel God, my decisions become easier. and my God is wonderful-so compassionate! 🙂 A constant reminder of all the grace in my life. a reminder that even when things don’t work, God is there in it. and by being there when things are rough-I’m still connected to this cosmic channel.

Beyond all boundaries, beyond all space, transcending all definitions, radiating light, is the experience of God. Everything is included in this experience-no reservations. and by opening our minds to this possibility, we can live life fully-engage in it. experience what is God, in every moment. Yes, I have felt God. I know you probably have too, in some way, in some definition, at some point of time. I wish today that I have the strength to open my mind and see my God in everything there is.

With love and grace, S.


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