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pistachio macaroons..

on February 13, 2008

These are the most delicious cookies I have ever made! This past weekend, I was in the baking mood. I have wanted to make macaroons for a long time-simply because they use only egg whites and nuts powdered..(no cholestrol involved, and healthy protein) and also because I wanted to try the technique-of beating egg whites till ‘they are stiff and dry’. And if I am going to be making macaroons, why not go for something decadent!

This recipe is what Nigella Lawson calls the one she is most proud of, in her book ‘baking and how to be a domestic goddess’. It has two macaroons sandwiched with a pistachio buttercream frosting in between. So, I tried it..and now, each time I bite into it, I cannot believe I made this!!! It is delicious! See picture:
though its hard to get a taste of how soft and chewy it is from the picture..and let me know if you want the recipe..the new food processor we got came in very handy for this recipe to grind the nuts. and having a hand-held mixer is helpful for beating the eggwhites.
Love, S.


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