merging into the ocean..

Today, I’m excited. I have the feeling that I am part of something big, something larger than myself. and I feel honored. Maybe its because I did my wave meditation this morning. Its a simple practice and one of my favorite ones to calm myself. Basically, as I breathe, I feel a wave flowing through me. Its rise with my inhale and its fall and merging into the ocean, with my exhale. Something about the ocean, about the repetitive action of the wave is so soothing. Its knowing that we each have our shapes, our waves, our unique self. and yet, we are also part of a much larger picture-wider than the ocean-where we merge into. This place I call home-the place we were born from and return to. Knowing that our self is beautiful and unique is always a good feeling. and more than that is the feeling of inter-connectedness-knowing that we belong to this universe, to this cosmos, that it is our right to be here. and even as we carry on through the day with our daily activities, there is an awareness that we are also part of something larger than ourselves. Knowing this in our hearts makes it easier to live fully and let go. we do our best as individuals and then hope that this larger energy space, the grace underlying the universe, carries our wishes forth and manifests what is best for everyone.

May we all experience and honor what it is to live in this universe, this ocean we belong to, and be part of it.

with love, S.


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