a roller-coaster ride..

You know how, to enjoy a roller-coaster, you have to let go of any semblance of control? you have to accept that you have no control on the journey you are on, and you might as well enjoy the ride. Thats how life is. We often like to think we are in control of whats going on. that we are the driver behind the wheels. and we are traveling at a uniform speed, feeling very much on top of everything. and then-suddenly there is a sharp turn. we veer out of control. we could either curse ourselves for not seeing it, worry about such future events-or simply enjoy the feeling of being out of control.

For in reality, we have no control on life’s happenings. A friend of mine told me a story yesterday, that I’m recounting here to the best of my knowledge: there is this guy who goes to Germany. He sees a death there, and he decides he doesn’t want to be close to death. so he goes to Denmark-and he dies there suddenly from a heart-attack. When he meets God, he asks, I thought I avoided you by not being in Germany. God says, I was surprised to see you in Germany, because I had an appointment with you here in Denmark!

So, for all our beliefs on control, the reality is none of us can tell what will happen tomorrow. or where it will lead us. The fun is in knowing this and being open to whatever comes along. That does not mean we don’t plan. we do. we work hard and we plan for the future. after all, we do like being in control 🙂 and mostly its a good place to be. as long as we live with the knowledge that any minute anything could change. and that change is good. (might as well think its good because the change is going to happen whether we like it or not). so, let go of the wheel and have fun. There is a lot more in life when we become open to not being in control.

enjoy your roller-coaster ride when it happens!

With love, S.


One thought on “a roller-coaster ride..

  1. i have gone through the blog after 20thfeb written by you i realize that as if i am going though books written just for me and make me change like that way you mentioned
    i love you subbu

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