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you and me

on February 23, 2008

Oh my Buddha, my dear friend, my love,

As I sit with you today,
and gaze into your eyes,
As I observe how you approach
everything in life with such kindness,
I rediscover why I love you,
why I have chosen you to be in my life.

In this moment, you sustain me
with your love.
In this moment, we create together
this understanding and love
that arises from unconditional acceptance of each other.

I love you for all of you.
I love all your imperfections, your flaws.
all the cracks together that make you
wonderful and perfect. for me.
Just as you accept all of me.
This is what perfection is. imperfection.
this is why each of us are unique.
I love my neurosis. and I love yours.
isn’t it amazing how human we are!

and as I sit with you today,
it strikes me. there may be a day
when you are no longer with me.
when I’m no longer with you.
what happens then?
you know that noone in this universe
can replace who you are.
we will miss each other.

i will then think of the energy we created.
together. the kindness we spread.
the times when we were there for each other.
when we were true to ourselves.
I will think of the person you have made me.
and the person I have made you.

For we are not really separate.
we can never be.
we are flowers of one tree.
and even as we fade away,
our splendor is there. in the tree.
in the breeze. in the air.
in the fragrance left behind.

we created this. you and me.

with love, S.


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