The miracle of healing..

The capacity we have within ourselves for healing never ceases to amaze me. A simple example: I got a small burn on my forearm last week when my arm hit against the side of the oven as I was removing something hot. It turned into this ugly blackish boil which in the next stage resembled some kind of reddish cut not very nice to look at. And today, there is skin underneath the burn that is growing back. Delicate new pink skin replacing the burnt one. healing beautifully. as I look at it, I am reminded of our own potential to heal ourselves both physically and emotionally.

Healing needs care. It needs time and patience. It needs courage to look at our wounds without judgement. with kindness. and then when we relax and trust ourselves to heal, it happens. True healing comes from a place where the intention is not to return it to what it was, but of receiving the gift that emerges from this process..and it is likely to take us to a new place in life, where we have never been before.

may we all be mindful of the needs and wounds of our soul and be gentle with ourselves.

with love, S.


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