getting caught in dharma..

I love writing this blog. It reminds me of the big picture in life. Everytime I write, I’m reminded yet again of the necessity to wake up and live fully this life in this moment. And I’m deeply grateful to have a space to do this, and a loving group of people supporting it.

And yet, this talk of dharma, of ideas constituting mindfulness or awakeness, does have a trap, it is words in which we can get caught nevertheless. Talking or thinking about being present, is not the same as being present! These are just words. And words are helpful. as long as they don’t become another thing to get caught in. Then they become just like any other thought or drama that prevents us from direct experience. So, even as we think about dharma, there is still a moment of realization that comes in, when we realize: ‘oh, I’m thinking! not living! come back to this moment here’. This realization does not come with a judgment. It is neither good or bad to think, to write, to be in whatever we are. It just is what it is. Without ideas, creation would not happen. and yet appreciating that creation needs us to come back from our thoughts to what is now. This is how freshness is cultivated.

For a long time, I used to envy people who taught meditation, yoga and such. I used to think these people are probably very awake to the possibilities in life. and that was until I had the opportunity to teach a meditation class myself: even if you teach meditation, you still have to be present in ordinary life: and that takes the same intention and effort as for anyone else. In fact, when you teach, it is easy to get caught in the words and ideas that you present..and no matter how beautiful the ideas are, they still have a potential to remove you from what is happening right now.

Freshness in life comes from treating each moment as if it were a new one. No matter how many times we have brushed our teeth or walked to a place, we still find a way to be present to brushing or walking this time. No matter how much we talk about dharma and big ideas and our philosophies in life, to evaluate whether our lives reflect our beliefs. And to be aware of our actions, emotions and to engage in the moment that is at hand. That is all we have, and that is all we can hope for. Living our lives, one moment at a time.

May this moment sparkle for you!
With love, S.


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