This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on ‘basic goodness’. This meditation workshop was based on the premise of underlying basic goodness that is there in everyone. A goodness of heart that is unconditional-we all want to be decent and do good to ourselves and others.

And it made a lot of sense to me. Once we step outside of ourselves and the drama of our lives, we can actually see this manifest: we can see that people all around us are essentially kind folks. They are doing the best they can in life, they are trying hard to be decent, in the ways they know how to. Here is an incident that brought it home yet again: this past week, my friend and I were in a cafe, and busy talking. I was facing the window but wasn’t really paying attention: when this old woman came up to us and asked if the car across the street was one of ours. It wasn’t, but thats when I realized what was going on across the street: there was a car (A) parked behind car B. And car B was trying to get out, without much success. It looked impossible because A was directly behind B. And this woman was trying to help the people in car B by asking the folks in the cafe if car A was theirs. She was not only observant, she was simply being kind. Thats a lovely example of kindness in every day life. (Finally car B did get out, which seemed to be a miracle to me, thanks to inch-by-inch guidance from another passenger).

When I look at the people I admire, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Thich Nhat Hanh and others, I realize that each of these people have found a way to show their kindness and appreciation for the people around them, in their own ways. Each way is unique but underlying it is kindness nevertheless. And that kindness is present in all our hearts. We just need to find ways to express it, everyday in ordinary life. That is what makes ordinary moments memorable.

With kindness, S.


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