halla bol!

Halla bol is an indian movie I just finished watching..the title means ‘speak out loud’. It is a movie about political consciousness-that to witness injustice and do nothing about it is as much a crime as committing an injustice yourself. and it had some wonderful messages in the movie..one of which resonated with me: to be a real human being, you have to connect with the suffering of others-know that it could happen to you.  

We often go through life insulating ourselves from the pain of others..we feel safe in our world, our happiness. we separate ourselves, give an identity, a name. and yet this is but an illusion. when we see someone die today-it reminds us that we will ourselves be gone someday tomorrow. when we see loneliness in someone’s life today, it is a reminder that we could be lonely tomorrow. when we see poverty we know that it is real, it is right here. and when we see parents suffering for their children, we know that tomorrow we could be parents ourselves and be in exactly the same situation.  

for life is transient, impermanent. nothing lasts forever. and moreover, whether we like it or not, we are all interconnected in our experiences..and we have absolutely no control over our lives or the lives of others. all we can do, is live each moment in truth-connect to others through compassion..and know that this duality we see in life is simply a matter of perception, of convenience. for if we truly realised that we are interconnected, we would actually have to do something about it. we would have to wake up. we would have to weigh our actions, and look at the mirror each day with fearlessness. every injustice will have to be faced. we can no longer be aloof while our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world suffer. we can no longer be okay with abusing our surroundings, this earth. we actually have to do something about it.  

we have to speak up. we have to act for truth. from a place that is higher than you or me. a place of right consciousness, that is this spirit that pervades this universe.This place of deep wisdom that recognizes suffering and does not run away from it. that recognizes that there is a place beyond suffering-that can only be reached by mindfulness in every minute-and taking responsibility for our place in this universe. ownership for our actions. and kindness for our failings. and freshness of possibility in every moment. 

may we all have the courage for halla bol in our lives, S.


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