Shuba’s Weblog

Journeys of the soul…

awakening to the light..

on March 27, 2008

I open my eyes from darkness,
I see light again
simple light, yet profound
glowing and illuminating 

I feel my breath as if for the first time
I touch gingerly the space in my heart
my heart is open, raw and tender

As light shines,my whole being awakes 
like a new-born
seeing the world for the first time 

Nothing has changed since yesterday
The earth is still below, the heaven above
Only my being feels lighter 

I was afraid to let go, afraid I would fall
I forgot that I’m being preciously held.
Now as I release, I can feel
the warmth of that embrace. 

A new world opens up-
of daylight and spring
of birds and sunshine

I rejoice in this awakening
knowing darkness may come again
But this time, I’m not afraid.
I’m here to live. I’m here now. 

with peace, S. 


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