New beginnings..

As the new moon began its journey this weekend, our new life at a new home has begun as well. This weekend, we moved into a lovely condo that we just bought and that is our first own home.

The first evening in the house said it all. we were exhausted after packing and unpacking boxes..and here we were finally sitting on the couch with pizza we had ordered in. and it was as if all the tiredness was pulled out of us. we could just be. and just enjoy the simple pleasure of dinner with a movie and the company of each other. it was truly memorable. and that is what being home is. the joy of knowing there is a space on this earth that is yours to cherish. a place that nourishes you, brings you peace and love. so that you may be able to go out into the universe each day and share this sense of wholeness and joy with others.

The first morning I woke up in our new bedroom, I felt like alice in wonderland. ready to explore the space that was ours. that was filled with promise. One of the things I love about the house is having a huge walk-in closet and a bathroom with two sinks so both Abhi and I could brush at the same time :). and lots of windows so I could be in touch with the lights and darknesses around me. There is also a delight in seeing how much thought the previous owners, an indian couple, had put into the details-like having the right fixtures in each bathroom, a spice-rack in the kitchen, countless such things which made the house come alive.

The very first evening, I was challenged by my fears when I saw a tiny mouse go into the basement. Now, mice this time of the year in New Hampshire is fairly common. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m tremendously scared of mice. and I started to feel edgy. and then I saw all the status of Ganeshas around me. We love Ganesh, the benevolent and generous elephant-headed Indian god, the remover of all obstacles. and whose special animal happens to be a mouse, to represent humility. And here we had one of God’s own creatures- a tiny one at that which doesn’t mean any harm. It could only be a good omen. and somehow my fears dissipated. I even went into the basement later, brave enough to face my tiny visitor :).

It reminds me of the same feeling that one gets from meditation. to sit on the floor on a small piece of the earth and say that this is yours right now. and you are going to be right there and be present for anything that comes along. I was learning to be in the new house. and it brought me an overwhelming sense of gratitude at the energies of this cosmos that have brought us together into this place and made this possible. A sense of appreciation for the wonders of life. and a oneness with all our family and friends and fellow-beings who were there with us in spirit.

I hope all our homes nourish us. and help us grow and become who we truly are, in every way.

with Love, S.


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