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on April 18, 2008

Daalu reminded me of mantras this week when he read from a book how mantras are supposed to be short. if they have to be written down to be remembered, they can’t really be a mantra. The shortest mantra is supposed to be ‘om’, the sound of the cosmic vibration. Most mantras I know from being a hindu have to do with the vibration and meaning of the words, as is the case with the language of sanskrit. But more than that, mantras have an immediate and urgent use-they have the ability to wake us up. They can remind us of our deepest desires with just a few words. Mantras can be used as a reflection of who we aspire to be.

And I thought of the mantra that appealed most to me: in two words: ‘let go’. This is what I want to remember in each moment. As I get caught in each moment, this mantra reminds me that there is more to life than what I think I see in this moment, clouded by attachment. It lets me see what is, with new eyes. with an open mind.

We often have a tendency to put everything we see into a certain context. of either the past or the future. we like to put things into categories. based on what we already know. for eg, how many times have you found, while listening to a friend talk about her experiences, that you are mentally comparing it against what is happening in your life or even how you can help based on your experiences. These processes seem to occur naturally and they are neither right nor wrong. And yet they fundamentally limit our experience and insight. Maybe there is more to life than our limited self and surroundings and perceptions!

would a different experience arise if we catch ourselves in the act and wake up using our mantra? Let go of the past and the future and come back to the present? The experience then arising from each situation is much deeper and more limitless. You never know what you will get out of it. For one thing, it won’t be limited by what you already know.

As my friend Stella says, Just show up in life with an open mind. the rest will follow 🙂

Here is to the mantras in life.

With Love, S.


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