Shuba’s Weblog

Journeys of the soul…

Flecks of dust

on May 27, 2008

I shut the door and windows
and then I search for light!
Light streams through the cracks
I can feel the presence
I long for sunshine
without realizing that
all I have to do is open the doors!

A wisp of a flower falls into my hands
and floats away into oblivion
I seek after, long for more
not knowing I’m surrounded by flowers!
It is spring when I need it.
spring resides in me

I walk along, step by step
mind wandering in a thousand directions
I catch a reflection on a window
pearl earrings, a stranger’s face
it is beautiful!

How beautiful you play with me
one moment showing
one moment concealing
You dare me to open the doors
and part the shades
To look at light in the eye.

There is no going back
I have nothing
I have everything


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