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on July 11, 2008

I’m writing this blog from paris. waiting for my flight. It has been one of the most eventful weeks of my life.

This week was spent in Slovenia. I came here for a conference. and before this, I had no idea where slovenia was, or what it was like. and now…I think it is one of the most beautiful places I have been to.

Its amazing how much one appreciates, when one lets go of any perceptions or notions of what things are like. My trip has been somewhat like a pilgrimage. In finding joy where it is least likely. in a strange country where I don’t know the language and didn’t expect to find anything.

The trip started badly with missing my flight from paris to ljubljiana which is the capital of Slovenia. I landed close to midnight at my final destination after traveling for more than 24 hrs. and next morning, it felt wierd being in a place where not everyone understands english. And jet-lagged. I think the best thing I ever did, was to not let it spoil my trip.

Among other things, I visited a castle from medieval ages in Ptuj, visited a wine cellar and had a delightful wine-tasting experience. had five course dinners, in the middle of the mountains…ah! so peaceful! and by the river Dhrava. Slovenia is a beautiful country. and the hosts were among the most gracious I have ever seen. and I got to meet scientists from all over the world. French, british, greek, slovenian, russian, swedish, romanian, etc etc. It was quite an experience. to see scientists interact with each other and genuinely want to help each other in the field. the way it should be!

I’m in Paris today. I got to actually go into the city and have lunch outside in a delightful restaurant in les halles. and the yummiest macaroons of my life. talk about good fortune! seeing people around the world, and how friendly they are towards each other truly uplifts my heart!

Mostly, its also knowing how difficult it is for everyone in this world. For example, a scientist who went from Slovenia to Italy. who didn’t speak italian or much english. and started fresh. how difficult is that! Atleast I came to a country where I could speak english. or a scientist from Japan who relinquished his passport to get us citizenship so things get easier for his kids. how difficult is that choice! or a person who listened to audio tapes in English and followed along through the book to understand the pronunciation, so he could speak better english.

and above all, how proud people are of where they belong. and yet how eager they are to know about others and where they come from. This is what we are like. this is us. this is humanity. this is kindness. this is life.

with much love, S.


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