taking time to appreciate…

It has been a rainy and contemplative day. A day to contemplate goodness. in ourselves and others. a day to slow down and appreciate the choices that have led to happiness versus suffering.

we need to do this more often. take time to appreciate ourselves for who we are. at each juncture, as human beings we have choices. when we drive, we have the choice to stop for someone. when we pass someone in the hallway, we have the choice to let them know that we appreciate having them around. when we come home tired, we have the choice to take time for ourselves. to eat well. to take care of ourselves. to cultivate nourishing relationships. to be compassionate.

we may do all of this all the time. but stopping to appreciate the kind acts we do allows us to sustain them. It lets us carry through when times get tough. because we know we are essentially good. we have a loving heart. and we can give happiness to ourselves and others.

so today, exhausted after a tiring day, I came home early and soaked in the tub. I took time for myself. and then-I appreciated it. taking the time in a long busy day, to do something good. it feels great! :).

may we all take time to appreciate how much goodness we have.

with love, S.


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