It has been a while since I wrote in my blog. This is the first entry I’m writing from my new macbook pro. It took a bit of time to get comfortable with the new computer-as with anything new. Anyways here I am.

Work has been busy: and as I write this, I wonder what busy means. does it mean not having enough time for ourselves? I *would* love more time for myself. And yet-this is what everyday life is: there are routines to keep up with. And this past month, I’m embarking on a new journey: inspite of all the busyness there is in everyday life, can we still stay connected to this deep vast ocean of grace within and surrounding us?

For there is always grace. I was with a friend the other day and hearing her talk about how she took time for a small gesture of love towards herself brought tears to my eyes. Just realizing how much we love. others, loved ones. how much we care. It is sometimes moving to me just how much goodness there is in life.

That includes all the pain of suffering on account of love. Hearing a daughter speak of her experience being with her sick father and not being able to do anything but be there. and yet what a gift that is. For me, connecting with my own generous heart and how much I give and receive in a day strengthens me.

There is also a strange feeling in my heart, in the air. Knowing that summer is towards its end and Fall will be here soon…much as I love fall, I know I will miss summer. There is a bitter-sweet parting. This summer has had many ups and downs. In a way, it has been true life :). And in the midst of it all is the sheer beauty. of summer. and of being.

May we all revel in this grace of heart-and stay connected to whatever comes along.

metta, S.


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