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on October 2, 2008

Can one put words to the love and well-being our dear ones wish for us ? and the love we have for others ? Sometimes my heart overflows in gratitude, simply to be a human being and experience it all. and even when we suffer, most often it is because of the profound love we hold inside of us. If we can witness the suffering from this broader perspective, it strenghtens us even more to receive and give love.

Today, it has been two weeks since I was diagnosed with lyme disease and been on antibiotics. For those who don’t know about it (I didn’t till I got it), its a bacterial infection that you get from a tiny tick somewhere in the outdoors. I have had plenty of outdoors this summer and somewhere I picked it up. It basically drains all of your energy and skin rashes may or may not occur. I had the latter, a good thing which helped the diagnosis. In time I should be fine. But you know how it is being sick. Its fun for two days when you are taken care. and after that, just a bit tiresome. and somewhere along the way, I’m learning acceptance. and gratitude. for being diagnosed early. for loved ones who care deeply for me. for my husband who takes care of me, made the most amazing dinner last nite which we had by candle-light, cos he knew I wouldn’t have the energy to go out. my sister who calls me every day to find out if I slept okay. just her voice makes me feel reassured. for my loving friends who care for me in ways that cannot be expressed. my heart is filled with love.

i’m beginning to know something about challenges. if you just show up without fear, it is a marvellous unfolding of what the human spirit can do.

As rumi says, ‘start your lives over. everyone is totally forgiven no matter what’.

With love, S.


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