the 9 days of the goddess..

Navaratri, the nine nights of the goddess – one of the auspicious festivals in India began this week on tuesday. That was the day I was at one of the most amazing concerts by Cesaria Evora. Uplifting, joyous, a celebration of who we are. unexpected. what a way to start the goddess festival!

This morning, I was digging through the study drawer for passport-sized photos for my visa for China – when I came across greetings cards from my girl-friends. it was a moment of joy. cards I had wanted to put out, but landed here in the moving months ago. from all the dearest women in my life. Is that auspicious or what ? As if the goddess of Navaratri was giving a sign. treasure and enjoy the wisdom of women. it is like none-other. boundless love and acceptance.

The scent of rose and chamomile floats near my altar where the goddess sits. and in her, I see the resplendent Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi – the trinity of indian goddesses. formidable in their strength. boundless in their grace. It is a reminder of our own inner grace. and all the people in our lives. That is the reason I love indian festivals. It is a celebration of life and who we are! :).

I hope we enjoy the company of our dear friends in the days to come.

Much love, S.


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