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Journeys of the soul…

heart song…

on October 4, 2008

Like these wildflowers pink and purple

My heart leaps in joy

their fragrance intangible

touching me with love and well-wishes

They sit there so boundlessly beautiful

utterly unaware of how much they bring

A gesture of good-will expecting nothing in return

What could heal the heart more than that!



The doorbell rang-a man stood there holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, and said : ‘someone loves you very much’. I was on the phone with my dear friend Stella reassuring her about my health when this happened. she said in typical Stella way : Shuba, quick open the note! :). And there in the most beautiful and funny card, all the people in my research group had signed, wishing for my well-being. One of the touching moments in my life. Here is my favorite line amongst them : ‘Shuba, although I still don’t know exactly what the disease is after I googled, I really hope you can come back to us soon! :)’.

A priceless moment of connection. Isn’t that what we all want ? To know that we are loved and cherished for who we are. It is the sweetest gesture I have ever received in my seven years of work. A moment of belonging. of coming home. And they are my absolute favorite kind of flowers too :).

May all beings be happy and may they cherish the kindness they bring to others.

with gratitude, S.


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