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lightening the load…

on October 4, 2008

I write this on one of the indescribable fall days like none other. breeze softly caressing autumn leaves as they fall on the ground. and like the breeze, my heart is at peace.

After reaching a low-point of being very tired and sick of being sick and trying hard to hold work together and act like things are normal with my health, I gave up the fight. I took the chance of taking time off. to rest in peace and let myself be just as I am at this moment. 

I’m giving myself permission to be. why was that so difficult to do ? why do we always put ourselves last ? somehow, having made a decision to take a week off, my heart became lighter. my tired brain is relieved that I actually care for its well-being. and as I see the leaves dropping, my own baggage seems lighter. 

may the coming days of fall remind us of beauty and letting go.

With kindness, S.


One response to “lightening the load…

  1. Lois says:

    Shuba! keep it up! Who hasn’t echoed your superbly human musings. Stop in for a visit;
    Thanks . Lois

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